EnterpriseLEI User Guide

Logging in and getting started

The EnterpriseLEI solution makes it easy for an organization to manage large numbers of LEIs issued within its corporate group.

Start by logging into your RapidLEI Enterprise Account. Once logged in, you will be greeted with the RapidLEI Dashboard.

EnterpriseLEI User Guide Login screen image

Here, you can use the drop down with the renewal notification periods to filter upcoming renewals. We default set this at 60 to give enough time for us to notify you about the upcoming renewal. You are able to Select 60, 45, 30, 15 for renewal notices, which will also filter what LEIs will be shown in the “To be Renewed” notification box on the Dashboard.

These Notification Box’s will filter LEIs for any Actions Required, LEIs Currently in Progress, Total Issued, To be Renewed & Lapsed.

EnterpriseLEI User Guide what would you like to do image

Enterprise LEI will allow the ability to use both Shopping Cart & Bulk Upload methods.

We recommend you use the Bulk Upload options if you need to make more than 10 applications at any time. The RapidLEI Shopping Cart method is the most efficient way to process <10 applications.


Processing new LEI applications

If you have more than 10 LEI applications at once, it is easier to use the Bulk Upload Feature. Otherwise, click New LEI(s) to get started with the application.

To lookup the Legal Entity we will need to collect some information:

  • Who – Registered Company Name/Number?
  • Where? – Where is this Entity registered?
  • What Entity? – What Entity are we looking for, (Legal Entity, Fund, Trust, Pension, Will etc)

Once the platform has located the Legal Entity, please Add to Cart.

You have the ability to View Shopping Cart to see any other LEIs you’ve added to the application order. You can add up to 10 LEI applications in a single transaction. Click Add More LEIs if needed. When ready, click Continue with your Single LEI Registration

Next, we will need to confirm the Validity Period that you want to order for. 1–5-year option is available.

You will then be asked about the Entity’s Parental Data.

You must now choose whether this is a reporting exception (if not reporting parent data) and a Letter of Authorisation (LoA) + The name of the Signing Authority.

Add the Signing Authority name using the Button “Add or Amend Signing Authority” and click Save

Select “Upload LoA” and find the corresponding LoA for the Entity.

Once uploaded successfully, you will be presented with green checkmarks as confirmation, and you will be able to continue.

Now confirm the LE-RD Data (Legal Entity Reference Data):

In most cases we automatically connect with the local business registry and the LE-RD form will populate. Please check the information looks accurate, and click the Agree radio button and then click Next.

If you do not agree with the info we have pulled, then please select “Do not Agree” and “Next”.

If you do not Agree, the form will reload but allow you to enter your own information to be manually verified by our vetting team.

Once complete, you will have this message confirming that the LEI has been registered and now the RapidLEI Vetting Team will be working on verifying the order before issuing.

The Manual check in this example, would be to confirm the LoA details.

Clicking Return to LEI List, will take you to the “In Progress” List, where you can monitor open applications.


Workflow for non-automated jurasdictions

Non-Automated Jurisdictions comprise of jurisdictions where RapidLEI does not have direct integration with business registries, or the type of application cannot be automated. They have a similar workflow to Funds, Trusts, Wills & Pensions. This is because most of the time, Funds, Trusts, Wills & Pensions are not present within a business registry. You will need to enter the details manually.

Click New LEI(s) if you are making less than 10 LEI applications.

There are 3 items of information required:

  • Entity Name
  • Country
  • Entity Type – e.g. a fund in this example

You now need to confirm the Name and add a reference number if you have one. Add to Cart once complete.

Once added to cart, you have the option to View all applications in the shopping cart, Add More LEIs or Continue with the Registrations.

Review your order and select the Validity Period for each application:

You will then be asked about the Entity’s Parental Data. You must now choose whether this is a reporting exception (if not reporting parent data) and a Letter of Authorisation (LoA) + The name of the Signing Authority.

Add the Signing Authority name using the Button “Add or Amend Signing Authority” and click Save

Select “Upload LoA” and find the corresponding LoA for the Entity.

Once uploaded successfully, you will be presented with green checkmarks as confirmation, and you will be able to continue.

Now add the Reference Data:

The system will populate some of the information based on the Jurisdiction entered at the beginning of the application. The system populates:

  • RA ID
  • Business Registry
  • GLEIF ELF Code
  • GLEIF Entity Legal Form
  • ISO Codes
  • Entity Status

Please enter the Address of the Entity & it’s Headquarters. There is a helpful button in the bottom left to copy the same details over to the headquarters if it’s the same. Once populated, the system will identify the address.

Once submitted, our Vetting Team will review the application to ensure that it has been populated correctly and initiate the verification process.


Level 2 LEI applications with Parental Structures

Follow the process for New LEI Applications:

  • Click New LEI(s) for less than 10 applications, otherwise use the Bulk tool.
  • Enter the organisation name, add to Cart and Continue with LEI Registrations.
  • Choose the validity period for each LEI.

Note, as this is a level 2 LEI Application, this will NOT be part of the auto-renewals. As our Level 2 team will ask for your updated Consolidated Accounts documents every year on renewal.

Select the Reporting Exception as “This Company Consolidates, I’ll submit level 2 data later on”.

Next add the Signing Authority Name.

Once you have added the name, Save & Continue.

First, we will populate (where we can) the Level 1 Legal Entity information.

Agree or Do Not Agree to the Level 1 reference data and click Next.

Please confirm that we have collected the correct data (if in an automated jurisdiction) or please enter the data that you have collected via your KYC/Client Onboarding Process. If you do not Agree and click “Next” you will be taken to the same page, but with a blank form for you to populate with. Click “Next” once complete.

This is where the workflow now differs from a simple level 1 order.

We first need to record how the Company Consolidates. You have 3 Options to tell us about the entities Direct Parent:

  • No Direct Parent Exists or I am preventing from reporting a parent, I’ll highlight below.
  • I’ll enter the LEI of my Direct Parent and accounting evidence to support the relationship.
  • My Direct Parent does not have an LEI, I’ll provide accounting evidence.

If the Direct Parent has an LEI, please enter in the information, and provide a Set of Consolidated Accounts as well as filling in the Accounting Period.

If the Direct Parent does not have an LEI, then we are able to leverage the Search to find the entity in order to apply for the LEI

Next, we need to understand if the Entity has an Ultimate Parent. You have 4 Options:

  • My ultimate parent is the same as my Direct Parent
  • No ultimate Parent exists, or I am prevented from reporting the relationship
  • I’ll enter the LEI of my Ultimate Parent
  • My Ultimate Parent does not have an LEI.

Like the Direct Parent; the Ultimate parent will require a set of consolidated accounts to prove its relationship with the child entities, you will be asked for supporting documentation.

The Final step, is to provide any further information that we might require.

Finalise the application by pressing Submit. Once submitted, you will find the LEI in your LEI List.


Registering multiple LEIs with Bulk Upload

If you have more than 10 to Register at once, we would recommend using the Bulk Upload feature to make the application process easier.

To Start, click the Bulk New by Xls Icon.

On the next page, please select “Click here to download”. This will download the latest Excel/xls template sheet for your bulk upload. We would always recommend downloading a new sheet, as we do update it to match platform requirements.

Once downloaded, you will find the instructions on how to populate the table on Tab 2.

When you have populated with the correct information, please upload the file.

If all Entities pass initial validation checks, then you will be able to process all LEIs.

If you have some LEIs that have failed initial Validation Checks, then they will be filtered into a separate list, where you can hover over a “?” icon, to determine why.

Here you can see the filtered lists, with Pass & Fail and the “?” Icon with a failure reasoning.

In this case, an LEI has already been issued to this Entity, which would require a TRANSFER not a new Registration.

For the ones that have passed you are able to continue with the LEI Application.

Proceed to next page. Once complete, you can return to the LEI List to finalise the applications.

Under the Pending LE-RD Confirmation List, you will see the Applications that you have just uploaded to the platform.

On the Right-hand side, there is an “Actions” button in which you can select, and “Resume my LEI Application”

This will open a new Tab, for you to confirm the LE-RD Data.

If you, Agree, agree and click Next. If you do not agree, then select that option and continue to the next page, this will re-load the form blank for you to fill out.

Finalising the application will come back with a congratulations message.


Import/Transfer- Single LEI

For Import Applications you have 2 options; Like the New LEI Application submission we would recommend using the shopping cart for up to 10 applications at a time, if you have more Import/Transfer orders at once, then please use the Bulk.

Select Import LEI(s) to begin.

Once selected, you will be taken to the next page where we will request the following:

  • LEI Code
  • Country
  • Entity Type

Enter the LEI code that you are wanting to transfer, the RapidLEI system will leverage the GLEIF database and our automation to collect information on the entity that you are wanting to transfer from another LOU to RapidLEI/Ubisecure Oy.

If we have collected the correct entity details, please Add to Cart.

You have the ability to View Shopping Cart, add more or continue.

Review your order, select the desired Validity Period and proceed.

Enter a reporting exception if you are not reporting a parent.

Add the Signing Authority name.

Once added, click Save.

This is the Transfer Request Form:

We immediately send the Transfer Request form to the current managing LOU. As per GLEIF policies the current managing LOU has up to 7 Days to initiate the Transfer.

Please also accept our Terms of Service and that you understand that the contact details must be passed to the current managing LOU to ensure that they know we have empowerment to request this transfer on behalf of the customer.

Once you have submitted, we need you to confirm that the LE-RD Data is correct.

We will always re-validate LEIs that we are importing as we want to ensure the best data quality.

If the reference data is accurate, Agree. If not, select the Do Not Agree option and the next page will allow you to enter the information you believe to be correct (for non-automated countries, please just fill this form out as it cannot be pre-populated).

The Transfer Request is now complete and we will be work with the other LOU to bring this LEI over to RapidLEI  Management.


Import/Transfer- Multiple LEIs

For more than 10 Imports at once, we would recommend the Bulk Import method.

Select the Bulk Import option on your Dashboard

Like the Bulk Upload, we recommend that you download a new xls template sheet when you want to make a bulk Transfer. (Instructions are on tab 2 of the document)

Once populated, please select “upload my xls”. The platform will then perform initial validation checks.

The platform will filter the LEIs that have passed Validation Checks, and those that haven’t.

Please continue with the LEIs that have passed by selecting Import.

Investigate why the others have failed using the information Icon.

The RapidLEI platform will create the Transfer Request Forms, which will be sent to the Current Managing LOUs.

Please fill out the Contact information and Accept our Terms and Conditions and agree to the tick box confirming the applicants details will be passed to the other LOU to confirm empowerment.

If the Signing Authority is different for each Transfer, you will need to submit individually so you can upload each LoA to match the LEI request.

If the Signing authority is the same, you can submit all.

You will be asked to re-confirm the Transfer Request form (If submitted individually)

The platform takes the Signing Authority details from the xls sheet.

Finally, Accept the Terms and Conditions. Agree that the information will be passed to the current managing LOU to confirm empowerment of transfer and click Submit.

The initial stages of the Import have now been completed.

You now need to confirm the LE-RD details.

Click “Return to the LEI List”.

Click on “Actions” and you will need to “resume my application”

Please confirm the LE-RD details by clicking Agree.

If you don’t agree, please select “I do not agree” and “Next” to return to an empty form to populate manually.

Once you have agreed, this finalises the application and the request will be made to the current managing LOU to request a transfer. When the LEI is transferred over to RapidLEI we will re-verify the information using the data that you have confirmed/submitted and re-issue.


Updated November 2021

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