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LEI Worldwide

LEI Worldwide

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Country coverage:
Aruba Aruba
Australia Australia
AT Austria
BS Bahamas, The
BE Belgium
Austria Bulgaria
CA Canada
KY Cayman Islands
CW Curaçao
CY Cyprus
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czechia Czechia
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
Finland Finland
France France
Germany Germany
GI Gibraltar
GR Greece
GL Greenland
GG Guernsey
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Hungary
IS Iceland
India India
IE Ireland
IM Isle of Man
Italy Italy
JE Jersey
Latvia Latvia
LI Liechtenstein
Lithuania Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
MY Malaysia
MT Malta
MU Mauritius
MC Monaco
Netherlands Netherlands
NZ New Zealand
Norway Norway
PA Panama
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
QA Qatar
RS Serbia
SG Singapore
SK Slovakia
SI Slovenia
ES Spain
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
TR Turkey
US United States

LEI Worldwide

RA Partner since

May 2019

Partner Profile

LEI Worldwide is a GLEIF recognised RA and global provider of LEI registrations and renewals. Founded in 2017, its aim is to help organisations meet their regulatory requirements, and facilitate the mass adoption of Legal Entity Identifiers as the primary identifier in the global financial system, by making LEIs more easily accessible. LEI Worldwide have partnered with Rapid LEI in order to achieve this aim.

Contact LEI Worldwide today to find the optimum LEI solutions for you, including bulk registrations, automatic renewals or multi-year options.

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