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EnVers Group

Operating as GetLEI™ & GoGetSSL™

LEI: 984500EFE3C45F6TF014

J.Dikmana 4-26,
Riga, Latvia, LV1013

Support Email: [email protected]
Sales Email:
[email protected]
Phone: +371 66164222

Country coverage:
Latvia Country Flag Latvia

Envers - RapidLEI Partner

RA Partner since:
January 2019

Partner Profile
EnVers Group Ltd (Enterprise Versatile Group) provides different IT services all over the world. Our wide range LEI offers Legal Entity Identifiers globally, and our SSL Certificate Store sells almost all types of SSL Certificates. EnVers Group develops software and Internet projects and also has its own Hosting Company. Hosting company provides Dedicated servers, Shared Hosting and VPS hosting.

Press & News
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