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Eunetic Germany

Eunetic GmbH

LEI: 9845003CD612FFDB8747

Wagnerstraße 25, 76448, Durmersheim

Email: [email protected]


Country coverage:
DE Germany


RA Partner since

September 2020

Partner Profile

The RapidLEI Registration Agent Eunetic is a German-based, reliable and established full-range service provider, specialized in online security products and focused on business security solutions for domains, websites, email communication and data.

Together with RapidLEI, Eunetic is dedicated to offer a LEI registration service that guarantees you fast processing of your LEI orders and a continued availability, to provide an easy and secure management of your LEIs.

Press & News

RapidLEI announces partnership with Eunetic to further expand European LEI issuance