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LEI Register

LEI Register


Uus tn 21-2, 10111
Tallinn, Estonia

Global Site: www.leinumber.com

Country coverage:
Australia www.leicodeaustralia.com
AT Austria www.leinummer.at
Belgium www.leicode.be
Bulgaria www.leikod.bg
Canada legalentityidentifier-canada.com
Czech Republic www.kodlei.cz
Denmark www.leiregister.dk | +45 7 8715744
Estonia www.leiregister.ee
Finland www.leitunnus.fi | +358 9 42704159
France www.codelei.fr
Germany www.leinummer.de
Hong Kong www.leicode.hk
Hungary www.lei-kod.hu
Country Flag Iceland www.legalregister.is
India www.legalentityidentifier.in
Ireland www.legalidentifier.com | +353 818 003352
Italy www.registrolei.it | +39 800 126394
Latvia www.leikods.lv
Lithuania www.leikodas.lt
Luxembourg www.codelei.lu
Malta www.leiregister.mt
Mexico www.codigolei.mx
New Zealand www.registerlei.nz
Netherlands www.leinummer.nl
Norway www.leikode.no
Poland www.leirejestr.pl
Portugal www.codigolei.pt
Romania www.codlei.ro
Singapore www.leicode.sg
Spain www.registrolei.es | +34 91 0604256
Sweden www.leikod.se | +46 10 1020265
CH Switzerland www.leinummer.ch
Turkey www.leikodu.com.tr
UK www.legalentityidentifier.co.uk | +44 (0)20 37697640
USA lei-identifier.com

LEI Register Preferred Partner LEI Register

Preferred Partner status awarded for:

  • RA Partner since January 2019 to market, sell and supply LEI registration and renewal services through a partnership with RapidLEI.
  • Specialist VA Partner since January 2021 to connect service providers and Financial Institutions with LEI registration services to leverage Know Your Customer (KYC) and client onboarding processes.
  • LEI API proficiency and ecosystem expertise.

Partner Profile

LEI Register is a RapidLEI Preferred Partner whose purpose is to help entities apply for an LEI and renew their LEIs worldwide. Together with RapidLEI, LEI Register aims for simple, automated, data accurate and affordable LEI issuance. LEI Register currently serves 35 countries and offers country-based support and information regarding LEIs and GLEIS implementation.

In 2019, LEI Register launched the TrustLEI, now renamed to Fast-LEI, service – the first subscription based LEI service in the industry.

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