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ProfileAddress Direktmarketing GmbH

LEI: 5299004D4Y4YVHDNCF96

Altmannsdorfer Straße 311
1230, Wien, Austria

International site: www.register-lei.com

Local country coverage:
Australia Australia www.register-lei.org
AT Austria www.register-lei.at
Germany Germany www.register-lei.de
India India www.register-lei.in
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein www.register-lei.li
Spain Spain www.register-lei.es
Switzerland Switzerland www.register-lei.ch
UK UK www.register-lei.co.uk
USA USA www.register-lei.com

5299004D4Y4YVHDNCF96ProfileAddress Preferred Partner

RapidLEI RA Partner since

January 2019

Managing LEIs since


Partner Profile

Register-Lei.com is a Profileaddress service to simplify the management of Legal Entity Identifiers. We are a data provider servicing leading banks and insurance companies since 2003. The LEI as a global standard for the unique identification of legal entities is a core component of our business. As an official Registration Agent of the Global LEI Foundation, we enable businesses to manage LEIs efficiently since 2018.

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