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When will my LEI appear in the GLEIS database?

RapidLEI publishes our entire data set to the GLEIF, including new LEIs and any updates to existing LEIs, every 144 minutes. The GLEIF gathers data submissions every 8 hours and populates their Golden Copy and Delta Files. Any new LEI created by RapidLEI will be visible within the Golden Copy Data set within a maximum 8 hour time frame.

However, search results for the GLEIS are based on a single publication of a Concatenated file which takes place once per day. The concatenation uses all data submitted over the last 24 hours and has a cut off by GLEIF of 9:00am UTC . Legal Entities should allow around 3 hours for the data to be available.

The maximum time for an LEI to appear within the LEI Search 1 is therefore 24 hours + 3 hours + 144 minutes. The minimum time is 144 minutes plus 3 hours. In saying this, please note that an LEI is valid from the point of issuance by RapidLEI, and can be used immediately for reporting needs, regardless of whether or not it is listed by the GLEIF.

An ISSUED LEI will appear in the ‘Issued’ filter in the RapidLEI user interface, or for partners using our APIs, in the ‘LEI – Query all LEIs’ list. Each LEI we publish has an ‘InitialRegistrationDate’ which records the exact time the LEI was Issued.

LOUs who publish once per day to the GLEIF also have the same minimum time frame possibility, but the maximum time frame may extend by a further 22 hours.

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