What is RapidLEI?



About the RapidLEI’s GLEIF accredited service

RapidLEI is a Legal Entity Identifier issuance and management service created and managed by Ubisecure. Ubisecure is a GLEIF accredited LOU (Legal Operating Unit).

Only a small number of organizations globally are accredited to issue official LEIs. GLEIF accredited LOUs are required to meet well defined standards of service and quality, to maintain free and open access to LEI reference data.

RapidLEI has innovated automation technology in the LEI application process workflows to make registering, issuing, renewing and publishing LEIs extremely easy and by definition, rapid.

Our algorithms do the heavy lifting for the registration – our systems connect directly to official business registries in dozens of different jurisdictions to provide automated workflows and improve data accuracy.

RapidLEI’s modern approach lowers the costs associated with issuing and managing LEIs – both in small and volume numbers.


How is RapidLEI disrupting the global LEI ecosystem?

RapidLEI is positively disrupting the LEI ecosystem thanks to our investments in:

Quarter after quarter the GLEIF reveals RapidLEI/Ubisecure as the fastest growing LEI issuer.


Why is LEI data quality important?

RapidLEI considers high quality, transparent & validated LEIs to be the cornerstone of mass LEI adoption. LEI records must be accurate and up to date to remove the risk of fraudulent counterparty trading and meet the identity assurance requirements of the many LEI-enabled use-cases.

Each month, RapidLEI transparently reports on entity data quality and consistently perform as the number one Local Operating Unit (LOU) within the GLEIS for data quality.


Is there an LEI API for integration into Applications?

The API reference documentation is publicly available in our LEI Developers area. The APIs available to Developers performs LEI Lookup and Discovery, and LEI management functions:

  • Create New LEI
  • Import Existing LEI
  • Check LEI Order Status
  • Query all LEIs
  • Confirm LE-RD Data Quality
  • Authentication – Request Access Token
  • Accounts – Create User


How do I buy an LEI?

You can buy LEI numbers from RapidLEI directly using the Register LEI service. Or you can buy from our global network of dozens of Registration Agent partners.

We have a partner-first approach and we work only with GLEIF approved Registration Agent partners who add local expertise such as language support, regulatory understanding, currency support and more.


How to become a GLEIF Registration Agent

If your organization registers, manages or requires clients to use LEIs, consider becoming a Registration Agent (RA). RAs are GLEIF approved to work closely with LOUs like RapidLEI in local jurisdictions or specific verticals like KYC and FinTech.

RapidLEI operates the most effective RA program within the GLEIS. To find out more about being an GLEIF RA or to become an RA speak to the Partner Team.


Where do I find the latest LEI news and use-cases?

You can ready more about the impact we are making in our blog and the LEI-based solutions being taken to market by innovators in the Marketplace.


Who is Ubisecure?

Ubisecure is an Local Operating Unit (LOU) accredited by the GLEIF and operating within the Global LEI System (GLEIS). Ubisecure is a technology innovator, identity assurance specialist, originally founded in the Nordics and now with offices in London, Boston, Finland and Sweden.

The Ubisecure management team have decades of experience in the Certification Authority (CA) Industry. Between them they led the creation of standards around SSL/TLS Certificates and drove the subsequent mass adoption of TLS/SSL security by millions of websites.

This experience is now being applied to the global LEI system to drive LEI adoption across new industries and regulators.