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How much does an LEI cost?

LEI’s are priced as shown on our LEI price page. All prices include the GLEIF fee.

For enterprises that need multiple LEIs, RapidLEI offers an LEI management platform designed to make it easy to issue and manage multiple LEIs. RapidLEI also offers volume discounts. Enterprises should contact the Sales team to obtain more information about our volume discounts and enterprise LEI solution –

How do I cancel my LEI application?

New LEI Applications can be cancelled at any time (even after a contract is signed), but only prior to the issuance of an LEI code. Once the LEI has been issued an application cannot be cancelled or refunded.

How do I request a refund?

Refunds need to be requested by you (the customer) via email to RapidLEI reserves the right to withhold any applicable fees that we as the LOU have incurred during the application and issuance process

What is the GLEIF fee?

The GLEIF fee is payable by all Applicants for each New LEI and each Renewal of an LEI. GLEIF’s non-profit model sets the fee, which is regularly reviewed. It helps to fund the GLEIF and its activities, effectively benefiting all stakeholders within the LEI ecosystem. The fees are subject to change and outside the control of all LOUs including RapidLEI. We include the GLEIF fee in the prices we charge.