Buying an LEI & Billing Questions



How much does an LEI cost?

LEI’s are priced as shown on our LEI price page. All prices include the GLEIF fee.

For enterprises that need multiple LEIs, RapidLEI offers an LEI management platform designed to make it easy to issue and manage multiple LEIs. RapidLEI also offers volume discounts. Enterprises should contact the Sales team to obtain more information about our volume discounts and enterprise LEI solution –


Payment methods

RapidLEI accepts all major credit cards for LEIs purchased individually. For bulk orders made via the EnterpriseLEI platform, you can pay with credit card or choose to be invoiced. RapidLEI also offers monthly/annual subscription services for enterprise customers. Contact Sales for detailed pricing.


Are there discounts for large volumes of LEIs?

Enterprises can gain discounts via the EnterpriseLEI platform – a solution specifically designed to discover and manage both group and client LEIs at large scale.

Partners should contact us for reseller discounts available through the Partner Program.

Can I register an LEI Number for multiple years?

An LEI may only be valid for a single year at a time to ensure data will remain fresh and active. Fortunately RapidLEI has pioneered multi-year LEIs by automating the LEI renewal process, essentially allowing applicants to register LEI Numbers for up to five years. The renewal automation makes sure your LEI data remains fresh and in compliance with GLEIF standards, but does not require onerous renewal actions for our customers.

When you purchase multi-year, 60 days before the anniversary of the Next Renewal Date we will automatically contact you and ask you to confirm that all the legal entity reference data remains the same. If still the case then all you need to provide is a single click to confirm and our verification logic will double check with the appropriate business registry. With multi-year LEIs there’s no additional fees to pay and no invoice processing.


How do I cancel my LEI application?

New LEI Applications can be cancelled at any time (even after a contract is signed), but only prior to the issuance of an LEI code. Once the LEI has been issued an application cannot be cancelled or refunded.


How do I request a refund?

Refunds need to be requested by you (the customer) via email to [email protected]. RapidLEI reserves the right to withhold any applicable fees that we as the LOU have incurred during the application and issuance process.


What is the GLEIF fee?

The GLEIF fee is payable by all Applicants for each New LEI and each Renewal of an LEI. GLEIF’s non-profit model sets the fee, which is regularly reviewed. It helps to fund the GLEIF and its activities, effectively benefiting all stakeholders within the LEI ecosystem. The fees are subject to change and outside the control of all LOUs including RapidLEI. We include the GLEIF fee in the prices we charge.


Jurisdictional Surcharges

There are surcharges applied in some jurisdictions. Surcharges are applicable only to certain reseller or enterprise agreements. Contact your account manager should you need more information.

Country Country code Surcharge per LEI per annum (Euros) Notes
Level 2 data All countries 5 If level 2 data needs to be processed on any registration, renewal or import
Australia AU 5
Canada CA 5
Guernsey GG 10
Israel IL 5
Jersey JE 10
Liechtenstein LI 10
Luxembourg LU 10
Portugal PT 20 FOC if local Registration Authority code “Acesso à Certidão Permanente” provided
Romania RO 10
The Bahamas BS 10
United States – British Virgin Islands VG 25
United States – Cayman Islands KY 30
Non Company Managed LEI All Countries 25 Applicable to Validation Agents
Non accredited n/a 25 API orders for countries where RapidLEI do not yet have GLEIF accreditation