Understanding more about Relationships

We will now ask if you want to report the typical Level 2 relationships (Direct and Ultimate Parents) by asking a few qualifying questions. From what we have experienced, it is not typical that funds report consolidating parental relationships, but we still need to give you the opportunity to report if it is applicable.

We will ask you to report on your Direct and Ultimate Parents first. If there are no consolidating parents then please answer accordingly. Please check that anything pre-populated is still correct.

There is a new tab to report Fund Relationships. You can choose one, all or none of these if they are applicable.

You must provide data for the fields that are marked with a Red Asterix (*) for the relationships you wish to report.
Please note that if you are reporting a fund relationship, you must provide the LEI number of the entity with which the relationship is with. You cannot proceed without an LEI number for the relationship.

If you are applying for an LEI for a sub fund, it is mandatory that you report the relationship with the umbrella fund of which you are a part of.

We ask you to highlight the type of document you are providing to validate the relationship. A Fund Prospectus is a good source of validating a fund relationship. In this instance we would expect you to select “Other Official Documentation that validates the relationship” if a prospectus is being intended as the validation source. You must also provide us the date from which the relationship started, you do not need to provide an end date.

Once you are happy with the Fund and Consolidating Parental relationships you are reporting, you can upload supporting evidence/documents on the “Final Step – Upload Supporting Documents” Tab and click “Submit” to finalise your application.

Our Client Service Team will then validate the Fund application and the relevant parental reporting that you have made and verify them against public sources, where applicable.