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UAB “LEItoday”

LEI: 98450069AC500E405B96

Švitrigailos g. 7, Vilnius, LT, 03110

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: TBD


Country coverage:
United Kingdom


RapidLEI RA Partner since

December 2019

Partner Profile

LEItoday is an official Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Registration Agent and in partnership with the fastest-growing GLEIF accredited LEI code issuer RapidLEI, offering LEI issuance and post-issuance services for our customers, registered within worldwide jurisdictions. LEItoday helps legal entities to access the LEI issuance network and obtain an LEI code through a simple, fast, and safe process, using an intuitively, easy to complete, online application form that allows to submit the necessary corporate data for LEI code issuance in just minutes. Multi-year LEI issuance and renewal plans ensure LEItoday customers continuous participation in regulated financial markets to be undisrupted.

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