Legal Entity Identifiers

Frequently Asked Questions

General LEI Questions

What Is A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?

What type of Legal Entity may register an LEI code?

About the RapidLEI service

Who is Ubisecure?

Who is the GLEIF?

What is the future for LEIs?

Who may NOT apply for an LEI?

What tools do I need to apply for an LEI Code from RapidLEI?

LEI Application Process Questions

Using an Alternative Browser to eSign the Terms of Service

What information do I need to submit for an LEI?

Applications requiring a Letter of Authorization

What information can people see in an LEI code?

Can you provide a simple summary of the LEI application process?

Why do I need to verify two different addresses?

Who needs to agree to the Terms and Conditions?

What is Level 1 and Level 2 legal entity data?

What investment do I need to make to be issued with an LEI code?

What are duplicate LEIs?

When will my LEI appear on the GLEIF’s Search 1.0?

LEI Data File Detail Questions

Where is my XML format CDF file?

What is the CDF file format if I have a parent(s)?

What is the format and structure of the exception record(s) if I have no parent or only one parent?

Is the lei:Extension field used by RapidLEI?

How do I update my Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD)?

What if the RapidLEI systems and team identify an issue with my LE-RD?

What is an ‘internal’ LE-RD change?

What is the ‘Challenge LEI’ process?

How do I update my Relationship Record?

What is an ‘internal’ LE-RR change?

LEI Billing Questions

How much does an LEI cost?

How does multi-year work?

How do I cancel my LEI application?

How do I request a refund?

What is the GLEIF fee?

LEI Renewal Questions

Why do I have to renew my LEI?

How soon before the expiry of my LEI before I need to renew?

What is the process to renew my LEI?

Renewing LEIs purchased through RapidLEI Partners